Guild Wars 2 maps out its next three reveals, plans End of Dragons launch celebration for ‘late February’


During the recording of today’s MassivelyOP Podcast, Justin and I joked that Guild Wars 2 would wait until we were recording to announce anything interesting about the End of Dragons launch. It was supposed to be a joke, anyway. It turns out that’s… exactly what ArenaNet did.

According to the tweet, we’re getting a map tour of New Kaineng City next week, followed by a preview of the Jade Tech mastery a week later, and a preview of music on February 18th. So when is launch? Well, it says in “late February” we’re getting a “launch day celebration,” so… we still don’t know. But probably after the 18th? Are we still banking on the 22nd? Or later? Yes, probably.

Source: Twitter
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