Mad World shares new gameplay trailer ahead of its February 23 alpha 5.0 test


There are a few weeks left before Mad World kicks out its alpha 5.0 test, but players following along the grimdark multiplayer ARPG can get a look at what’s awaiting them with a new gameplay trailer. So that’s something, at least.

As one might expect, this video puts Mad World’s best foot forward, showing off plenty of solo and group-based combat encounters with big, awful beasties in various post-apoc landscapes. The video also provides quick peeks at story quests and a quick-moving supercut of features like a bounty board, an auction house, a skill tree, equipment enhancing, and crafting.

It’s all in Korean, but there’s still a lot to absorb in the video below, or you could simply register for a spot and wait for testing to begin; as a reminder, alpha 5.0 will run until February 27th.

source: YouTube
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