OrbusVR recaps 2021 and rolls out Temple of Ma’at battleground

Over 100M monsters will never live to see another sunrise


2021 was a pretty busy year for OrbusVR. The devs of the VR MMORPG have taken a moment to look back at the game’s four years of life and its 2021 updates with its customary stats dump and a retrospective video.

From the game’s first launch to the previous month, players have killed over 109M monsters, reeled in over 24M pounds of fish, and cleared over 300K shard dungeons, all over the course of 280 years, 91 days, and 19 hours’ worth of playtime. Meanwhile, the past year’s worth of updates and content patches are all cut together in a video after the cut.

Of course, updates for OrbusVR press on, with the latest patch bringing a Temple of Ma’at battleground and a returning scavenger hunt to mark the MMO’s four year anniversary. An update from this past December also added a new Rock Giant world boss, new long-term missions, and a winter festival.

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