World Seed’s Kickstarter didn’t fund, but development marches on


Back in December, we wrote about World Seed, a cross-platform MMO with a tabletop theme created by a solo Swedish designer at Ape Egg studio, though that studio had since expanded as the game found unexpected success. Just before the holidays, the studio announced a 2.0 version of the game, essentially a reboot, along with a Kickstarter to fund and market it.

I’m afraid to report today that the Kickstarter didn’t fund. “The Kickstarter isn’t going as strong as we’d hope,” the team admitted on Discord a few days before Christmas. It had a relatively modest goal of around $8600 US, but it brought in only $1500 US, meaning the funding round came to an end this past weekend. The Kickstarter itself was meant to fund improved audio, PvP tools, and dynamic dungeons, but as promised, World Seed marches on anyway.

Ape Egg has continued pushing updates to its early access preview server; thus far, it’s checked off racial bonuses, dungeons, quests, combat, and the market, with PvP dueling, the in-game store, experience, proc effects, and “overall balance” still to do.

“There are still a bunch of features to finish before we can release 2.0 to the public (through Steam early access),” Ape Egg wrote at the time. “As promised I’m aiming to release it next month in January. Since our Kickstarter campaign runs until the 22nd of January, it only makes sense for us to release it in between 22-31 January of 2022.” However, as of this morning, the preview updates are still coming; they’re up to 0.30.8 right now, and the devs dropped a discussion on balance too.

Incidentally, the original version of the game, now called World Seed Classic, is still available and will apparently stay available, though it won’t be developed further; it’s free in-browser or $6 on Steam.

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