Star Trek Online beefs up lifetime sub benefits – and benefits for all

Yikes what

Good news today for both lifetime and regular account holders of Star Trek Online — your life is about to get a bit better!

Cryptic announced this week that it’s improving the value of the game’s lifetime subscription across the board. Lifetime subs will see their character slots go up to 13, dry dock slots to 15, shared bank slots to 40, base inventory slots to 144, base bank slots to 204, and get more slots for bridge officers, active ships, and costumes as they level up.

But if your eyes started to glaze over while reading this list because it doesn’t apply to you, then wake the heck back up. Because of the bump to lifetime sub benefits, Cryptic is also offering all accounts a couple of additional goodies. Every account will see their dry dock slots go up to 10 and their shared bank slots to 20. And yes, that means that everyone starting right now can access a shared bank without requiring a purchase from the store.

Source: Star Trek Online. Thanks Tanek!
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