Guild Wars 2 kicks off the Lunar New Year with plenty of tiger-based rewards


It’s the year of the tiger, it’s a new year’s event, during which you can fill out new achievements. Go ahead, sing along as you log in to Guild Wars 2; it’s entirely appropriate with the kickoff of the Lunar New Year 2022. Yes, it is in fact the Year of the Tiger, and is the fact that this scans with the refrain of a 1982 song by Survivor a coincidence? Absolutely. But it’d be wrong not to take advantage of the coincidence all the same.

And we weren’t kidding about filling out new achievements, either. Players will find an invitation to the event in their mailboxes which will allow for an instant free teleport to Divinity’s Reach, complete with games, mount races, fireworks, and lucky envelopes to purchase. And along the way you can earn a sword, a hood, a miniature lunar tiger, and so forth. Don’t you want to have all of the tiger-based folderol available in the game? We’re sure you do. Log in, sing along, and celebrate that tiger.

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