ArcheAge cuts back on Serpentis loot, kicks off an event, and removes billions in duped gold


There are gold sinks, and then there are gold black holes that slurp up massive amounts of wealth. ArcheAge’s new stewards Kakao opened one such black hole, but it was done as a result of a pre-existing gold duping exploit that was present before the game changed hands; the exploit had already been fixed, but the ill-gotten gold was still in circulation, thus 229.5 billion in gold was removed from the economy in the latest banwave, along with another bundle of RMT sellers and buyers.

In less banhammery things, this week’s patch has reeled back some of the numbers of rewards that drop in the Serpentis dungeon, crushed another list of bugs, and changed the prices on some marketplace items. The update has additionally started a new event that rewards tasty rice cake soup and luna pouches full of rewards for those who take up certain daily quests. The event in question will run until February 10th.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)
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