Crowfall applies a general update patch as the newest Dregs campaign gets underway


What’s the latest happening in Crowfall? A campaign of course, as well as a recent housekeeping update that mostly focuses on adjustments, fixes, and other tidying up. Of note are some changes to concurrent player caps in wildland, adventure, and siege zones, and a number of tweaks to the Shadow campaign. The patch further grants a new enchant accessory category for crafters, applies a round of class adjustments, and fixes some general problems.

As for the latest Dregs Brueno campaign, that kicked off earlier this week and runs until Monday, February 28th. The game’s Twitter account has posted an image that shows the zones and temples that will be in this Dregs campaign, which we’ve embedded after the break for those who are following along.

Readers will recall that Crowfall has since changed hands as ArtCraft sold the game to Monumental this past December – a sale which was promised to be an injection of “capital, support, and fresh energy” to the throne war MMO.

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