Swords of Legends Online kicks off its Chinese New Year’s Festival event


Look, we don’t want to seem stereotypical or anything, but it kind of tracks that Swords of Legends Online would have an event for the Chinese new year. If there were anywhere to celebrate the Year of the Tiger, it’d be there. As it happens there are a lot of places to celebrate the Year of the Tiger, but the Chinese New Year’s Festival is still running in SOLO through the 17th of February, complete with a special fireworks show to enjoy on February 1st.

Chase after Xiao Xin to earn rewards as he darts around, with a maximum of four such rewards available each day (he appears every 15 minutes). Visit NPCs to get your special New Year’s event gifts. You can also get daily login rewards and exchange the event tokens in the game’s shop for more rewards, so jump on in and celebrate the changing of the year with aplomb.

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