VR MMO Zenith hits the ‘big red launch button’ today


Zenith, a virtual reality MMORPG project that crowdfunded successfully back in 2019, is hitting the “big red launch button” today, according to its indie team. To drum up interest for the release, the devs showed up yesterday for a Reddit AMA that covered everything from PvP (not in yet) to possible mounts to full-body tracking.

One dev did address comparisons to Zelda Breath of the Wild: “I think when you play, you’ll see quite a few of the games we love and play inspiring certain elements of Zenith. BOTW is personally one of my all-time favorite games and I always wished it was at least a co-op game and was in VR. I think each developer has other games they would cite as a stronger inspiration to them than BOTW, so maybe they can comment too.”

The team said that there aren’t plans for private servers (at the moment) or modding, and of course this launch is strictly for VR as the promised PC release has been indefinitely delayed. The game goes live at 10:00 eastern today.

Source: Reddit
It’s live, folks. Have fun in there if you’re lucky enough to own a VR device!

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