SoulWorker’s original developer threatens play-to-earn copycat MMO with legal action


Not quite a year ago, Gameforge sunsetted the western version of SoulWorker, and the game reverted back to the game’s original Korean developer, Lion Games, which almost immediately resurrected its game and got it back on Steam as a self-published title, albeit without anyone’s original accounts or characters. There it’s stayed for the better part of the last year, getting events and updates – even a new raid and playable toon.

Now it’s also getting frustration at the top of 2022, as an outside group is attempting to lay legal claim to the game and its IP, with a website and Twitter account claiming to host something called Soul Reborn.

Soul Reborn is the game that currently steals the Intellectual Property of SoulWorker without permission,” Lion Games tweeted to actual SoulWorker players this morning. “Please DO NOT signing up/promoting the above mentioned site to prevent further damages. Lion Games will take strong Legal Action and respond to those who take illegal advantage without mercy.”

Soul Reborn openly admits in its Twitter bio that it’s “originating from the famous online Soul Worker.” The Twitter account, which has a join date from 2009 and over 42,000 followers, has no tweets before November 2021, and many of those hawk play-to-earn blockchain schemes, sell “mystery boxes,” and claim crypto investment, which makes us wonder whether the account was recently acquired and repurposed. Needless to say, there are enough red flags here to stay far, far away from whatever this is even before you read the retort, which claims to have “purchased the IP of Soul[W]orker through legal channels and signed the documents” and declares that Soul Reborn “will now sue [Lion Games] for defamation through legal means.” Can’t wait to see those “documents.”

Soul Reborn’s website is struggling at the moment, and it’s possible it won’t even exist much longer as SoulWorker fans are urging its host to remove it. Either way, it’s got to be a frustration for the legitimate developers.

Source: Twitter
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