Superhero MMO City of Titans seeks more money: ‘We’re operating on a used shoestring’

'We’re not in trouble, and we can do a launch with what we have,' devs say


As City of Titans and its volunteer team enter yet another year of development, Project Lead Chris Hare submitted to an interview on how the game is shaping up and what needs to happen to bring it to fruition.

He gave a broad overview of the development focus for 2022, which includes getting the test zones online (without crashing Macs, which it is currently doing), bringing more powers online, adding more travel powers, beefing up the missions system, and working in more costumes.

Hare said that the project is “operating on a used shoestring” and is in need of more capital to bring it to where it needs to be. City of Titans raised $678,189 from a Kickstarter campaign back in 2013.

“We need more money, and I know we have to show off more game to get it,” he said. “I’m focusing on building that, making a game people want to buy into. We’re going to be rolling big things out, hopefully getting more publicity, and thus, more money. We’re not in trouble, and we can do a launch with what we have, but I don’t think it’s a surprise that more is needed to transition this project from a hobby to a sustainable business.”

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