V Rising talks about its V Blood character progression system, plans expanded closed beta soon


As a vampire in the survivalbox of V Rising, you’d expect that you’re going to have to munch on some people to get their tasty blood. That said, not all potential meals are created equal; some of them will have V Blood in them, which is a system that’s elaborated in the game’s latest dev blog.

At its core, V Blood units are the primary means of character progression in V Rising, so acquiring these units is a major game loop. V Blood is found in powerful targets that range from master craftsmen to military leaders to dangerous beasts, all of which can impart some form of character progress when they’re defeated and their life force is drained. Seeking out these targets will utilize a Blood Altar castle item that will let players focus on a target, set goals for themselves, and ultimately choose how they want their vampire to progress.

On the subject of progress, the post closes with some words about beta testing that happened this past December, noting that observation and feedback will lead to “massive improvements” and a “richer experience and test environment.” The game’s next closed beta test is set for sometime at the end of this quarter and will expand its testing pool. Those who are interested in adding their name to the potential list can sign up now.

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