Wolcen’s Aegis of Stormfall update introduces the endgame activity-filled War Table


Players at the tippity-top of power in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem are getting more endgame content. The Aegis of Stormfall update has gone live, bringing with it a new War Table feature that introduces four new operations for high-level players.

These four operations involve activities such as defending NPCs as they move to key areas to beat back a malignant darkness, surviving waves of enemies, taking down a powerful boss, and destroying a wardstone that defends itself and calls enemies in to join the fight. The War Table is also the place where players can access existing endgame activities like expeditions, mandates, and The Wrath of Sarisel.

The new update further makes changes to the game’s expedition progression system by replacing it with a skull system. Players can now earn skulls when completing expeditions on top of items, and earning a set number of skulls unlocks increasing difficulty levels. Those who have been progressing in the game’s old system, worry not; progression that has been earned previously will carry over.

The Aegis of Stormfall update also has removed Wrath of Sarisel’s association with expeditions; introduced new armor, monsters, and an environment; applied new damage type variations for some skills; and crushed several bugs. Complete details can be read in the patch notes.

source: official forums, thanks to Greaterdivinity for the tip!
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