Newly launched Mortal Online 2 postpones subscriptions for a month


Who would have thought that Mortal Online 2 would actually be grabbing headlines and decent crowds on the depths of January? Yet such is the case, and the team is wasting no time to build up that critical mass before other distractions seek to draw attention away.

Star Vault announced that it is postponing the start of Mortal Online 2’s subscription for at least a month. This is no doubt designed to give players more mental breathing space to figure out whether or not they like the hardcore PvP title. Additionally, Star Vault has put the title on sale at 10% off through the end of January.

Meanwhile, Patch wormed its way into the game with a new version of roaming zombies, more world wildlife, and nerfed the bounty on bandit heads. It also addressed some of the more severe game-breaking issues such as login crashes and character creation glitches.

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Source: Twitter, Steam
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