The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite upcoming Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons elite spec?


Last week, ArenaNet blasted Guild Wars 2 players with an email infographic purporting to show their play stats for the End of Dragons betas. Only it seemed as if our staff – and a lot of folks on Twitter too – were all told we favored the Bladesworn, even people who didn’t sink much time into at all. So yeah, something went wrong there for sure.

But while we don’t know what was the most-played elite, we can still poll you for which one you liked the best. To refresh your memory, here’s the whole list:

Bladesworn (Warrior)
Catalyst (Elementalist)
Harbinger (Necromancer)
Mechanist (Engineer)
Specter (Thief)
Untamed (Ranger)
Vindicator (Revenant)
Virtuoso (Mesmer)
Willbender (Guardian)

Personally, I’m torn. I usually play my Warrior as a Berserker, and she’s traditionally the toon I take through new content first. But I’ve been tempted to swap to my Ranger… except that I’m not interested in the Untamed. So maybe I’ll jump on my Engineer for a change and go Mechanist. That’s definitely the intersection of my “main” toons and the most-interesting-to-me spec.

How about you? What’s your favorite upcoming Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons elite spec? What will you go for from day one – or are you happy with the specs you already have?

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