Ashes of Creation shows off the new playable Vek race and updated racial models in January livestream


Having a variety of race choices at character creation is one of the best (and worst if you’re indecisive) parts of leaping into an MMORPG, and Ashes of Creation has offered up a new option in its January development update livestream with a look at the Vek, an Orcish race that values charting the stars, numerology, and prophecy. They also are noted as the tallest race in the game currently, with distinct designs for both male and female characters.

The livestream further showcased some additional updated racial models and looks for Ren’kai Orcs, the Nikua Dwarves, the Dunir Dwarves including a set of the race’s plate armor, and some of the human races. The character design segment also showed off new mounts and new pets that are in the works.

The livestream also discusses additional updates such as new hirings, the economy and how nodes will affect it, making castle sieges instanced in order to prevent zerging, and work being done to improve combat and the augment system. The complete broadcast is embedded below, or you can read a synopsis at The Ashes Post.

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