Champions Online is bringing back the Red Banner Ruin event to mark Lunar New Year


The Lunar New Year means another returning event to superheroing MMORPG Champions Online. The Red Banner Ruin event, which readers will recall was run a couple of years ago, is returning to the game once more between February 11th and 18th.

For those who missed out on this event, it involves players fighting off Hi-Pan’s Red Banner cultists and recovering stolen artifacts. The announcement post does note that “something’s changed” for this version of the event and hints at some more nefarious plans by Hi-Pan, which players will have to investigate. Naturally, there are rewards in it for those who take part, including some fancy armbands and a similarly fancy sword.

Whether this is a prelude to a future storyline or just a rehash of a seasonal event, CO players will have one week in February to see the deed done.

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