Elite Dangerous Odyssey hotfixes SRV and stability problems

Don't celebrate yet.

Update 10 of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey has continued the expansion’s grand tradition of arriving with a few fresh bugs to squash, but Frontier Developments has also already kicked out a hotfix and even managed to release it ahead of time, which addresses some of the “key mechanic and stability issues” that were introduced.

Specifically, SRVs should now see their HUDs update when collecting cargo and should no longer only be able to transport cargo items one at a time; there should be fewer dead NPCs body-blocking reactor consoles at some settlements; and players crashing at the main menu should no longer see the problem arise. This does leave one remaining known issue regarding scenario instances not triggering to be tackled, but for now there are some piping hot fixes applied.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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