Embers Adrift’s latest video outlines a more ‘relaxed,’ strategy-dependent combat model that utilizes reagents


Earlier this month, Embers Adrift noted in a newsletter that combat mechanics will have distinct things like positional advantages and bonuses for a chosen role or weapon. If that talk had you intrigued to learn more, then set aside 30 minutes for the latest Around the Ember Ring video, which takes a close look at combat in the developing MMORPG. Or better yet, read on for some of the bigger highlights.

Embers will use a slower tab-target combat model, which Executive Producer John Gust says “[puts] a focus on the strategy rather than a frantic action type of combat system.” The devs reason that tab-target gives the most amount of control, with the idea being to put the focus on how players execute attacks, particularly when working in a group. With that in mind, fighting will be about managing resources over doing as much DPS as possible and choosing when best to use CC skills, which creates a more “relaxed” combat cadence that allows players time to think and strategize.

While Embers will have a defender/striker/support setup, the devs note that having a specific party makeup isn’t necessarily a hard requirement to do content, allowing for a bit of flexibility. These three roles further break up into specializations after the first six levels that enfolds healer, tank, or crowd controlling “flavor” into a player’s chosen primary role.

The video also notes that abilities can be modified through using reagents that are found from monster drops, vendors, or through trade with other players instead of a tech tree; a given example is a healer using different types of bandages to either apply a larger direct heal or a heal over time. This design choice was explained as a way to provide more ability variance as well as a reason for players to go explore the world. And don’t worry, reagents will have their own inventory bag.

Finally, the video closes with some Q&A, which confirmed the game’s subscription-based monetization model, teased more big announcements, and discussed how harvesting and crafting isn’t going to be a separate vocation. The complete video can be found below.

source: YouTube
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