Profane confirms that it will have very large and aggressive manatees


Is a world truly alive if it doesn’t have manatees in it? The devs of the PvP sandbox MMORPG Profane clearly understand the correct answer to that question is “no” and have offered up another Twitter thread confirming the existence of manatees in Semisus.

The chonky lad you see up above is a red manatee, an aggressive species that will inflate its chest and slam itself into those who invade its territory. Males are larger then females and are apparently strong enough to split a house in two, so if you’re hoping of making some beachfront property in the game, consider the potential of housing loss due to a swollen angry manatee flinging itself bodily at your property, though the thread also notes that red manatees can be found further inland. Basically, no house is safe from manatee destruction.

Of course, the most important question is whether red manatees can be domesticated, and the thread answers this with a sort of “maybe”: These creatures can be turned into guards with enough effort, but they will flee if there isn’t another red manatee around.

The Twitter thread is a lot longer than one might expect regarding the addition of manatees to a game, but it does provide some artistic and design-based insight into how Profane is filling its world with endemic life.

source: Twitter
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