Valheim teases Mountain update, Mistlands area, and Steam Deck launch


It’s hard to believe it, but exactly one year ago today, Valheim rolled into early access and captured the attention spans of pretty much everyone on our friend’s list. Developer Iron Gate says it means to celebrate with a month of sales and fun, starting with some teases for the upcoming patches: the “Mountain” update, on which the studio is apparently now putting the “finishing touches,” and the Mistlands area.

“Alongside the Mountain update, we’ve also been ramping up work on Mistlands. The phase of nailing down the core concept is done, and we know what kind of inhabitants we want the biome to have. This means we’re now working on a bunch of new build pieces and enemies, as well as defining more of the new mechanics we will be introducing (though we’d like to keep those secret for a while longer).”

The studio further notes that it’s working on preparing Valheim for this month’s Steam Deck launch. “We would of course like to have Valheim running smoothly on it from the start, so that’s something we’re working on at the moment. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to bring Valheim with you on the train, or maybe even out into the woods? (If the greydwarfs give you their wifi password, that is.)”

Source: Steam, press release
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