Mortal Online 2 finally rolled out its queue patch, then it rolled back the server 24 hours

Morty mort.

Just one day after talking up its player counts and marking out its ambitions to someday take on EVE Online, Mortal Online 2 is already back in the news, this time for a rollback.

Last night, Star Vault patched in a new login system with a transparent queue count that was said to be “greatly secured compared to [the] current one that put a lot of people in infinite queue.” But early this morning, the developers issued a 24-hour rollback for the entire server. Here’s the message from the developers as of 4 a.m. EST this morning:

“While the Dev team is working on the issues and server, I will inform you of what is happening. Right now, they are performing a 24 hour rollback on the servers. What will happen is 24 hours since the server went down, ALL progress will revert to 24 hours earlier. This includes Nave and Haven. The reason this is being done is that the issues were deep. Joe is currently applying a fix to the servers and queue to fix the last patch problems. This could not have been done without the server rollback due to how “corrupt” things were. I currently do not have an ETA. If you created a character during that period, they will not be around. If you deleted a character during that time, they will return. I will repeat I do not have an ETA while the devs ensure things will go smoothly.”

According to players in the Discord – and just be clear, do not go to the Discord as it’s not pretty – the server is back up, but the queues are in the several thousands once again.

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