Zenith promises to do right by fans as it posts an early roadmap for 2022

Weedle whee.

It’s been a busy launch time forĀ Zenith on VR headsets. Not so much on the promised but still undelivered PC version, which is not mentioned in the game’s post mortem roadmap. Still, the team behind the game promises that player feedback is being listened to and that updates are coming, including several quality-of-life changes for the game coming this month. These include in-game alerts, new quests, improved animations, and improvements to the game’s UI across the board.

Of course, the roadmap doesn’t end there, as developers are promising a variety of new features being rolled out in 2022. The game’s third class (the unfortunately named Cyber Ninja), player housing, additional crafting and lifeskill options, and more endgame content are all on the docket for this year. So if you’re flying along in the game’s VR launch version, it’s probably happy times to look forward to! If you were waiting on the PC version, well… keep waiting, possibly staring out of the window looking with longing upon the fun others are having.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Thilly for the tip!
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