Final Fantasy XI’s February version update has more story, more levels, and more stuff to sell you

Be the first on your block to GIVE ME MONEY

Good news, Final Fantasy XI fans! Producer Akihiko Matsui is happy to announce that February’s patch will solve your storage woes… by letting you pay for more Mog Wardrobe slots. Not just free expansions to your storage space; no, your problems will be solved by giving Square-Enix more money. It’s a pretty tone-deaf way to address actual problems, and it stands in contrast to the rest of the patch preview, which announces things that players are actually going to want like more Mastery levels and a new pair of Ambuscade battles to take on.

Players will also have access to another chapter of the Voracious Resurgence storyline, which continues the plot in a game which once famously declared that it would get no additional story developments. All of this is good stuff! It’s just not so good that the game is also offering to fix its storage problems by having you buy more storage space. No, we’re not over that part. It’s not creating the problem and selling the solution, but it is observing the problem and selling the solution.

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