Guild Wars 2 takes players on a tour of End of Dragons’ New Kaineng City


Sure, there were lots of pictures and a preview video of the New Kaineng City location in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, but none of those things also featured the ArenaNet devs wandering through the location live. That piece of the puzzle is now in place thanks to the latest Guild Chat livestream.

The broadcast is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin as the devs bring players around the area, starting in Old Kaineng and moving through some labs before entering New Kaineng proper. Despite it being a city, the map is described as one with combat, and events and locations in the area are intended to tell the stories of the various peoples that are now living there and trying to coexist. Of course, it’s also a hub of Canthan technological advancement, though Jadetech is still an expensive form of technology, so lower districts are less pristine and high-tech than upper districts (like any good cyberpunk city).

For those who are eager to poke their noses around this new area ahead of the End of Dragons release, the full video can be found after the cut.

source: YouTube
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