Star Wars: The Old Republic tempts you with $40 Legacy of the Sith collector’s edition


While Star Wars: The Old Republic’s upcoming Legacy of the Sith expansion can be unlocked for the cost of a single month’s subscription, BioWare’s not going to stop you if you really want to splash some extra cash on it.

The studio announced this week that it is selling a digital collector’s edition for $40 that includes a month of subscription time (which, incidentally, gets you the xpack) and a number of in-game goodies. The bundle throws together 2,400 cartel coins, Darth Malgus’ own command chamber mount, a duealsaber based on Darth Vindican’s own weapon, and a MD-CH1 droid minipet.

BioWare said that this edition will only “be available for a limited time.”

Legacy of the Sith is launching on February 15th after a delay from last November for more polish and testing.

Source: SWTOR
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