Conan Exiles promises better modder and live game support, more in-game events in the future


It would appear that Funcom is very pleased indeed with how Conan Exiles performed in 2021. A retrospective producer’s letter pats itself on the back for the Isle of Siptah expansion and its additional content while delighting in increases in both player counts and Twitch viewership, along with some trivia, infographics, and links to videos collecting community mods and content creators.

Sprinkled in to the post are a few words about the survival sandbox’s future, noting additional hires to support Exiles for the long run. A new Live team “dedicated to the maintenance, support, and daily operations of the game” and a team whose sole purpose is to form a direct line between Funcom and modders were formed last year, both of which are expected to grow. “We are committed to Conan Exiles, it’s one of the greatest successes we have had at Funcom and we want it to become the best it can be,” reads the post.

The devs are also planning to expand Twitch-related giveaways and add more in-game events like the Grave Matters event, both of which received a lot of positive reception from players. There’s likely more to come for Exiles, but the letter is coy in spilling the beans and instead is gleeful at the game’s growh overall.

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