Here’s a peek at Swords of Legends Online’s new Fox Mage, releasing February 24


Last week, Gameforge surprised pretty much everyone by announcing that Swords of Legends Online will cap off February by both releasing a major patch and going free-to-play. Among the new bits of content in that patch is the Fox Mage, caster DPS/support toon that literally wields tree branches and swirls of floral blossoms. The character is supposed to be half-fox and half-human and physically “at a stage somewhere between adolescence and young adulthood.” Yeah.

“Fox Mages have a strong connection with nature; for their cultivation, they bury firestones in the ground and plant exotic seeds on top of them. The plants which sprout are highly imbued with soulforce, allowing the Fox Mages to increase their own soulforce and reinforce the barriers of the Floral Palace. Through diligent study of the plants’ cycle of growth and decay, they learn to understand the art of self-cultivation, enabling them to enhance their magical powers. A versatile class in combat, the Fox Mage use Twin Branches that were watered with lifeblood as weapons, enhancing them with poisons distilled from flowers and grasses that drive their enemies insane and ultimately kill them. Alternatively, they can channel the power of growth and nature to heal their allies.”

There’s a second class, the dual-faceted Warrior, in the 2.0 expansion as well, so we’ll be expecting more on that too. The Firestone Legacy update drops February 24th.

Source: Press release
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