Pantheon’s lead programmer opens up about coding the guts of the game


While we’re always fascinated by the high-level revelations of game design given by developers, all of those ideas would stay just that — ideas — if it weren’t for the hale and hearty programmers who make them happen. In the January Pantheon livestream, Lead Programmer Kyle Olsen joined the dev team to talk about his efforts in bringing this MMORPG to fruition.

From testing cycles to cloud gaming to world boss scaling, the discussion is mired in the extremely technical (but no less informative). Olsen said that the list of things that need to be tackled before ramping up testing is “getting pretty short now,” so players can look forward to ever-widening pre-alpha and alpha runs in the future.

And if you need a bonus shot of Pantheon today, one YouTuber created a great eight-minute video to explain the MMO’s “smart leashing” system that interacts with mobs when you chicken out and run away:

Source: YouTube
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