Book of Travels updates to give players new places to explore


“What would a dungeon even look like in Book of Travels?” you ask. Well, the answer is here, and it’s called the Underbelly. It’s not a dungeon in the traditional tank-and-healer fight-to-bosses format because this isn’t that kind of game, but the developers describe it as one of the game’s “outmarks,” which is the equivalent of dungeons. They’re mysterious, they’re more gameplay-intensive, and they feature a whole lot of new secrets to uncovers and treasures to find as you delve into their depths.

Those of you who would prefer something a bit more sedate will be happy to note that the most recent update also adds in a new overworld area to explore as well, filling in the space between Charwood and the Lakatos Inlet with new regions to explore. It’s a bit more laid-back but still has mysteries to uncover and content to explore, so strap on your adventuring shoes and see what these new areas have to offer.

Source: Steam
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