World of Warships plans new temporary modes, new tech trees, and economy changes in first half of 2022


From now until this coming summer, World of Warships has a whole lot of content plans coming down the pike according to a recent roadmap post, which offers a general rundown of what’s coming for the rest of winter as well as the spring and summer seasons.

Starting with winter of this year, the game plans to introduce Spanish vessels for the first time in addition to new German battleships and Soviet destroyers. The season will also add an asymmetrical battle and a dirigible escort mission as temporary modes, along with a Lunar New Year celebration event.

In spring, Italian destroyers will be available for early access and French cruisers will launch, while supership testing and submarine testing is set to continue on. Events for the season include the return of Arms Race, the return of Rogue Wave, and a Battleship-style game mode. Overall improvements are also on the docket like combat training missions for new players, a new map, and visual enhancements.

During summer, WoWS brings back the Convoy game mode, plans to mark the Fourth of July, and launches more British battleships. Perhaps one of the more interesting parts of this portion of the roadmap is related to the game economy, as economic bonuses will be separated from signals and camouflages will be made into a stand-alone entity.

Interested players will want to look over the roadmap to see what the next few months have to offer, as there’s plenty to absorb here.

source: official site, thanks to Brandon for the tip!
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