No, you’re not in trouble if Lost Ark awarded you multiple founder packs

But the game's economy might have a Situation


(We’ve updated the end of this article with Amazon’s latest announcement about this issue.)

Blink and you missed it: An odd bug with Lost Ark’s founder pack delivery system is resulting in an unexpected windfall for unsuspecting – and suspecting – players. As reported all over Amazon’s Lost Ark’s forums, some players were initially receiving multiple copies of rewards from the platinum packs.

“[T]his issue is fixed and players are no longer receiving duplicate packs,” an Amazon rep told folks reporting the issue yesterday and early this morning. “For those that are fearing action taken against their accounts, we are aware that this is a bug and will not be punishing those who who were affected.”

However, as multiple players on Reddit and on the official forums pointed out, some gamers could potentially have abused the bug to spawn unlimited copies for themselves, and some of the items from the packs include stacks of currency and cosmetics that aren’t account-bound and can even be sold in-game to other players. It doesn’t look as if Amazon and Smilegate will be cleaning up the accidental and ill-gotten gains, which depending on how many people were affected could result in a borky economy. As one Redditor estimated, a single player who snagged 10 packs could bank over a million gold – a bad precedent for Amazon to set.

Amazon now says it’s on the case, again.

“Yesterday, a database timeout led to multiple claims of Founder’s Packs and Twitch Drops for some players. This affected less than 4% of all accounts, with the majority of these players only redeeming 1-2 extra items, which did not include any additional Royal Crystals. We worked quickly to deploy a fix that has prevented additional items from being created, and are currently working with Smilegate RPG to revoke the items that were created during the period that this occurred. We expect this fix to come later today, as it is a priority for the team to keep the in-game economy intact. Thank you for your patience, and we will provide an update as soon as possible.”

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