Past Fate makes changes to the Newharbor area to make it more open and less ‘annoying’

Yep. All right. Super.

Past Fate, the indie sandbox MMORPG from developer Icy North Games, had introduced a region called Newharbor. It was, by the team’s own account, not very good as it “trapped players between undead and mountains where the only way trough was to engage the undead” and “made it annoying to return quests as players were instantly getting swarmed with the undead enemies.” Mercifully, that’s all been fixed now.

The Newharbor region has seen a revamp in the game’s latest patch, making it far more open and properly connecting it to kingdom of Edaria. The update has also introduced lootable chests that can be found out in the game’s world, as well as a new stone axe harvesting item, new quests and quests changes for existing factions, and a buff-granting sacrificial altar for Valfalk players. The most recent patch notes offer more details. Huzzah for less annoying game zones!

In case you haven’t been following along, Past Fate first hit our notice in December 2019, launching a Kickstarter in February 2020 that fell short of its first funding goal, followed by another crowdfunding attempt in July 2020 that ultimately was successful.

source: Steam
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