Closers releases a quality-of-life patch with content tweaks, footprint effects, and a selfie mode


If your life in Closers felt incomplete because your characters don’t leave special effects behind when they move, then you might be heartened by the most recent patch to the anime action MMO, which features “marvelous updates” of the quality-of-life variety including the aforementioned footprint effects.

Yes, now players can equip a footprint costume that applies distinctive visuals when a character’s feet slap against the ground, from sparkly stars to cybernetic lines. Other cosmetic updates include the addition of a selfie mode to take the perfect picture of your chosen Closer, updates to dungeon loading screens that better showcase player characters, and updates to Seha and Sylvi’s faces.

It’s not just cosmetic changes in the patch, mercifully: The update has also improved the black market with a search function and the ability to assign favorite items, along with tweaks to XP, mission flow, dungeon difficulty, and equipment earning for specific portions of the game. The patch notes break down all of the specifics.

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