Embers Adrift touts crafting, character, and quest improvements as beta barrels its way


With a closed beta on the way for March 1st and a hopeful launch date later this year, Embers Adrift will need to prove itself to the wider MMO community in fairly quick order. Perhaps as part of that effort, the team posted a State of the Game report last week covering all of the progress that the upcoming fantasy title made over the month of January.

During January, the team improved the game build with more points of interests, rare spawns, more balance and ability work for characters, and improvements to the dialogue and quest systems.

“A large update to the crafting UI [dropped last] week which promises to streamline the process of creating new items. Crafting is an important pillar of gameplay in Embers Adrift and this update brings us one step closer to where we want to be,” the team reported.

If you do want to get into March’s closed beta, it’ll set you back by $50 according to the game store.

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