Jagex posts job openings for a new open-world survival crafting title


Most people are familiar with Jagex as the company that does RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, but sometime in the future we all might know them as the company that also put out an open-world survival game. We know this because, as MMO Fallout first noticed, the studio’s jobs website has put out two listings that specifically call out the game type.

The postings seek a senior combat designer and a senior games designer, both of which are tapped to work on “Jagex’s new Open World Survival Craft title.” Both roles note that there will be both PvE and PvP combat elements, as well as confirmation that the game is being built on Unreal Engine 4.

Of course, Jagex having ambitions beyond the RuneScape franchise isn’t news. CEO Phil Mansell mentioned in a 2018 interview that the studio is working on a “mid-budget online title” and a “next generation MMO.” It still reads like much of this survival game is in the very earliest stages, but these new postings clearly align with those aspirations.

source: Jagex jobs site (1, 2) via MMO Fallout
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