Pantheon Rise of the Fallen takes a closer look at the giants of its world and updates to Wild’s End


Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has giants. Or it had giants. In any event, the race is the primary feature of the MMORPG’s most recent developer livestream, which takes a closer look at the creation of the giant race known as the Ghaldassii and some updates to a previously previewed region in Wild’s End.

The video takes fans on a deep dive of the giants, recounting the lore of the now long-lost civilization, along with artistic previews of the Ghaldassii’s structures, ruins, tools, and more. The video also offered a look at visual updates to the ruins in the Halfling area of Wild’s End, showcasing improved textures, lighting, and other visual effects. The stream ultimately capped off with a reading of patch notes that call to attention updates to in texturing, animals in Thronefast, and more. The complete broadcast is after the break.

source: YouTube
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