Lost Ark addresses stability, queue, and missing content issues


Even citing an “amazing first week” for Lost Ark, Amazon can’t deny that the MMOARPG has seen its fair share of launch struggles. The company put out a post on the game’s current top issues as it strives to address them.

These issues include huge queues that persist in the European sector, a story bug that froze progress on the Galatur server, and “premium” items that are missing from players’ accounts.

“We will be taking steps to improve our communication with our community on reported issues,” Amazon said. The studio pushed out a small hotfix last night to add more stability to Europe servers.

Meanwhile, Lost Ark continues to dominate the Number Two spot on Steam, maintaining its million-plus peak player count in the last 24 hours. Amazon said that the MMO registered over 4.7 million players as of yesterday, with 55% coming from the Americas and 45% from Europe.

Lost Ark is our first externally-developed game, and we’re very encouraged by the early player reception, and to be able to draw from the best of Amazon – from Prime Gaming and Twitch to Amazon retail and more – to help the game reach and delight a massive audience of players around the world,” said Amazon VP of Games Mike Frazzini.

Source: Lost Ark, 2, WCCFtech
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