Old School RuneScape details the newly launched duel arena’s replacement


For those who haven’t been following the duel arena’s metamorphosis in Old School RuneScape, allow us a quick review: Back in October 2021, Jagex promised that the duel arena would be replaced in order to combat gold trading and scamming activities that were running rampant there. The length of time it would take for this replacement wasn’t tied down, but temporary measures were put into place a month later, limiting GP stakes and making two loadout presets available in the meantime.

This brings us to the present and the newly released PvP arena, which features 1v1 tournaments and 1v1 duels available in ranked and unranked flavors. The arena fights take place on a separate game world with normalized stats, though players can select one of three primary and secondary combat styles to allow for a bit of customization. To enter the arena, players simply register their interest in having a scrap and then carry on with whatever else they’re doing while matchmaking sorts out an opponent, with rank points being used to determine fair matches.

Naturally, there are rewards waiting for fighting in the arena, which are all non-cosmetic and PvP-specific like weapons and armor, ornament kits, new blighted scrolls, and imbue scrolls. The reveal post grants interested players a full rundown of all that’s new.

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