EverQuest activates its 64-bit client while EverQuest II tests Lore and Legend server


No matter where you look in the EverQuest world these days, something huge is happening.

Daybreak announced that the OG Norrath just got its long-promised 64-bit clients and servers, bringing EverQuest up to spec with modern computers. “Significant effort was put into preparing the game for this moment so we’re very excited for this smooth transition, and for what this may bring to the game in the future,” said the studio.

And over in EverQuest II, Kael Drakkel, the new Lore and Legend server, just started testing. This server will feature a special ruleset that starts players at level 90 and scakes them down to the challenge level of whatever zone a player visits. It’ll also feature special loot drops, an achievement leaderboard, and a free set of level 90 gear.

EverQuest II also merged the Rivervale server in with Antonia Bayle yesterday.

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