Fallen Earth celebrates a gruesome little Valentine’s Day through February 26


It’s been quiet for news about Fallen Earth following the title’s unexpected free revival last October, aside from the frankly appalling suggestion of using NFTs to help fund the game. (Shudder, horror, retch.) But you needn’t worry about that particular disgusting scam for the moment, because right now the game is celebrating Valentine’s Day in the way that only this particular game can do so. Specifically, by making it a gruesome and disturbing event in which you can literally remove and offer your own heart to someone else as a gift.

Obviously, this is a bit extreme, but sometimes you just have to go to extreme lengths to convince someone that the post-apocalyptic wasteland is just the spot for love. There’s also dealing with Cuddles, pictured in the header and… well… let’s just say that Cuddles is clearly a unique sort of character. Yeah, that’s the ticket. If you feel like taking part in the festivities, take note of the quest locations and get to work before the event fades away on February 26th.

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