Pantheon’s first playable HDRP build is now in QA testing


Pantheon’s regular monthly newsletter has arrived to players today, heralding an internal milestone for Visionary Realms: a playable HDRP build heading to QA testers. That’s high-definition render pipeline, if you’re wondering.

“At the beginning of the month, we achieved an internal milestone with the first playable HDRP build making its way into the hands of our QA team, who have been busy identifying issues that tend to crop up with such an enormous update,” the studio says. “Initial feedback to gameplay changes included in this build has been positive, and we are continuing to tweak and refine the experience in preparation for the next build.”

The newsletter says the team is working on Thronefast spawns, population, and itemization, along with prep for client pre-alpha testing, diurnal cycle implementation, networking integration, and crafting and perception systems. It’s always worth a swing through the alpha roadmap for a more detailed view of what’s on deck; we note there’s been recent work to dispositions and traits and the newbie experience this month too.

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