The Wagadu Chronicles offers a list of features coming in its first closed alpha test


This past January, The Wagadu Chronicles announced that it was heading towards its first public closed alpha this month. There’s still no hard calendar date for this test as of yet, but what we do have is a list of features that will be available to those who are in the pool.

The alpha features things that would be expected like character creation functions, the game’s turn-based combat system, some quest NPCs, a party system, and crafting. The game also features a unique view when in dialogue mode, a skill system that lets players upgrade actions, a Mancala-style board game called Oware, and a Waka system that lets guilds control territory so long as they complete quests to appease the spirit of the land. All of the alpha will take place in two biomes: rainforest and grasslands, both with unique settlements, animals, wilderness, vegetation, and spirits.

As reported previously, this alpha is guaranteed to those who backed the game’s Kickstarter at the €140 level, but developer Twin Drums is also is offering applications for alpha to those who are subscribed to the game’s newsletter. A subscription link can be found here.

source: Twitter
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