Book of Travels temporarily halts content development to ‘completely focus on fixing the game’

Lot of oh no, but maybe that's to be expected.

Book of Travels might be under gray skies, but it’s marching forward nonetheless. The Kickstarted tiny MMO hit early access last fall, only to struggle with sales and retention and have to lay off the majority of its development staff, though it vowed to maintain its ambitions. Now, it’s setting expectations for players as development continues.

Might and Delight’s Oliver Thulin tells players that the team’s original plan was to “continually flesh out the game with content” through the chapter zero early access. However, the team has now come to grips with the reality that the game isn’t polished enough to pile more content on top, which means the devs want to fix the game’s foundation first. This is basically what existing players have asked for in polling as well, so it’s not going to come as a dramatic shock.

“It’s in light of this that we have decided to completely focus on fixing the game for the next few months, instead of having our attention split between fixes and new content. Of course, we realise that the fact that the game won’t see any new major content additions for an undetermined amount of time will disappoint some of you. But we also believe that any player who has invested any kind of significant playtime in the game knows as well as we do that this is what Book of Travels needs. […] And with this new focus on fixing what’s wrong with the game, all hands on deck, we’re going to put everything we have into the betterment of Book of Travels. And hopefully, with that, we also secure a stable future for the world of Braided Shore.”

Thulin does promise that the lack of content in the near future won’t mean a lack of communication, so we’ll be looking for that.

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