World of Warships adds super aircraft carriers, the Dirigible Derby, and a ship from Spain in latest patch


As promised in its early 2022 roadmap, World of Warships has added several new features in update 0.11.1, including dirigibles of all things. No, they won’t be controllable, but then they would be boring since they were mostly passenger aircraft anyway. Unless you really like controlling a plodding propeller-powered balloon.

Dirigibles will instead feature in the Dirigible Derby limited mode, where two teams of 12 must escort an invincible airship to its destination while also trying to either delay the enemy team’s airship or destroy all enemy ships. Each team’s blimp can be affected by ships near it, moving slower as enemy ships are within a certain radius or moving faster if friendly boats are nearby.

There’s more warships than airships in Warships naturally, as the update also brings two new jet-bearing super aircraft carriers, some more Pan-Asian cruisers via early access, and the return of personal challenges that reward the British Dido and the heavy cruiser Canarias, the first ship from Spain. There’s more in the patch as well, which is outlined in the update notes and previewed in the video below.

source: press release
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