Final Fantasy XI kicks off its annual doll festival on February 25


Dolls! They’re small, they’re cute, they’re a recurring festival for Final Fantasy XI. This year, the doll festival is kicking off on February 25th, this Friday, and it’ll be… well, doll-based, just like always. If you’ve taken part in previous doll festivals, you’ll know that this event is pretty low-key, but it’s vital if you want to see some lovely dolls placed throughout the three main capital cities and possibly pick up some dolls of your own.

Aside from enjoying the decorations, players can speak with the festive moogles in the cities to receive random celebratory items, including furnishings for the Mog House as well as rice cakes themed around several of the player races. You get more rice cakes for being in a party, to boot. The event runs from February 25th through March 11th, so there’s plenty of time to jump in and get your doll-based celebration on.

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