Old School RuneScape celebrates nine years with a conflict-free party in the desert


Miracle of miracles, there’s an anniversary event in an MMORPG that isn’t being interrupted by some baddies, monsters, invading forces, magical nonsense, or mischievous monkeys. Old School RuneScape is celebrating nine years with a grand party in the desert of Al Kharid, and there are no problems or attacks whatsoever; it’s a perfectly cromulent celebration.

Of course, that’s not to suggest there’s nothing going on at said birthday bash: Players can take part in treasure hunts, enter cooking contests, or enjoy a spot of fishing while they’re there. As a reward for taking part in the event, players will be rewarded with a set of skis. For sand travel. Don’t think too hard about it.

The latest update post has other details including the latest rankings for the Shattered Relics League as well as a look at some real-life League medals, a list of general fixes made in the latest patch, and the usual PvP World Rota details.

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