Terraria is putting out a Labor of Love update two years after its ‘final’ update

"I wish I knew how to quit updating you." --Terraria devs, probably


Back in May 2020, the side-scrolling multiplayer sandbox Terraria released the Journey’s End update, which was touted at the time as the game’s final update on PC (it arrived to the Switch a couple of years later). Of course, those who follow the game have noticed that Journey’s End wasn’t the end, as the game also released the Journey’s Actual End update in March 2021. And then official Steam Workshop support that same month. And then a crossover event with Don’t Starve in November 2021.

With that track record, it should probably come as no surprise that Terraria is releasing another update called Labor of Love, so named for the game’s winning of the Steam Award of the same name in January 2021. The new update’s announcement was made in a collaboration video with YouTuber Chippy, who noted changes such as specific weapon buffs, more loot drops, and new items including the Resplendent Dessert that lets players have both of the Royal Slime pets out at once.

Developer Re-Logic’s post regarding its award win pointed out future updates including Steam Deck optimizations, content parity for all platforms, and the potential for crossplay later this year. So clearly, this game’s journey has not yet ended.

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