Albion Online issues a hotfix to address Season 14 reward distribution problems


While players of Albion Online might be champing at the bit for the start of Season 15, there’s still the matter of getting rewarded for their hard work during the previous season, and apparently the issuing of said rewards was not working. As of today, a hotfix has been deployed that addresses some of these issues.

With this patch, players should now receive earned Hideout Boosters, see updates to the Outlands event schedule, and see the Season 15 Conqueror’s Challenge UI. There are still some rewards that aren’t being issued as they should however, specifically Season 14 Conqueror’s Challenge rewards and avatar rings appropriate to their guild’s season rank. Progress on these issues is being made and another hotfix should be arriving soon. Everyone who participated in the last guild season should be getting their goodies soon; they just need to hold tight.

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